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Law Enforcement Firearm Liability Coverage


Blue Cover Firearm Liability Insurance

Active Duty or Retired Law Enforcement Officers


You protect others, make sure you protect yourself while in the line-of-duty.
Civil Liability Protection: ‍$250,000
Defense Reimbursement: $100,000
Supplemental Policy Benefits: $2,500/month
The liability insurance for those who want to be fully protected while on duty.
Civil Liability Protection: ‍$1,000,000
Defense Reimbursement: $100,000
Supplemental Policy Benefits: $2,500/month
A little piece-of-mind that goes a long way if you ever need it.
Civil Liability Protection: ‍$500,000
Defense Reimbursement: $100,000
Supplemental Policy Benefits: $2,500/month

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1. Are both active duty and retired law enforcement officers eligible for coverage?

Yes, the policy is available to both active duty and retired law enforcement officers.

2. Can I get Firearm Liability Insurance in my state?

Coverage is offered to law enforcement officers who reside in the following five states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Arizona, and Ohio.

3. Does my coverage extend to acts occurring outside of my state of residence?

Yes, the policy covers insureds in all 50 states as long as the firearm is legally possessed.

4. Why do I need a Law Enforcement Family Firearm liability policy? Won’t my homeowner’s insurance cover me?

The answer is “maybe,” depending on the situation and the terms and conditions of your homeowner’s policy.   Homeowners insurance policies only provide civil liability protection for accidental injuries caused by an “occurrence” as defined in your policy.   Most policies define “occurrences” as accidents that result in bodily injury or property damage. Acts of self-defense may not qualify as an“occurrence” as defined under your homeowners’ policy because they are considered intentional acts, not accidents. Established case law supports insurer positions regarding this policy defense. Some insurers provide exceptions for using “reasonable” force to protect persons or property. However, what constitutes “reasonable force” is left up to interpretation by the adjuster for the insurance company. Homeowners’ policies will not cover liability arising from law enforcement acts or your business pursuits.

5. Will my homeowner’s insurance policy pay for my criminal defense attorney fees?

No, your homeowner’s policy will never pay for any criminal defense costs or expenses.

6. I have coverage through my employer; why do I need to purchase a Law Enforcement Family Firearm policy?

The Law Enforcement Family Firearm policy was developed at the request of law enforcement association leadership.  Those leaders expressed to SPRISKA that they had been receiving feedback from their members expressing their concerns over the lack of consistent clarity regarding the availability of coverage to respond to situations that might be considered outside the scope of their employment or other factors beyond their control that might influence a decision to afford, or not afford coverage to them.



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