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It is more challenging to be the police today than at any time in recent memory. Doing your work is hard enough. Enduring threats to your reputation, your safety, and your financial security add to the daily stress.

Comprehensive Benefits of America, LLC (CBA) created the Police Benefits Plan (PBP) to support the police and help you protect and grow your assets to ensure your security and your family’s future. 

The founder of CBA, Tom Tuohy, is the grandson of a Chicago Police Department Chief and son of a CPD Detective. Tom has been a police lawyer for over 30 years, creating the Fraternal Order of Police Benefits Plan and this Police Benefits Plan and serving members, command staff, and civilians. Tom has drafted over 3,000 Living Trust estate plans to help officers protect their hard-earned assets. *

One day you will retire from this job. When you do, you want to be financially secure to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it. When it comes to that goal, PBP has got your back.

Financial security comes with being insured and protected today, wisely managing your money and investments, accessing asset growing tools and money-saving products, and hiring the best professionals.

Police Benefits Plan serves all police across the United States. Professionals and companies who support the police are partners in this platform to provide discounted products and services, giving you one-stop shopping and helping you secure your financial future.

Would you please become a member for free today? Your benefits are updated regularly. Stay tuned and check your inbox for weekly specials. Regular educational opportunities will be made available by plan providers via webinars and seminars and website video presentations.

*Thomas W. Tuohy is licensed to practice law in Illinois and the United States Supreme Court. Tom practices law and represents clients who request his services exclusively through Touhy Law Offices in Oakbrook, Illinois. He does not offer legal advice or services or accept referrals through PBP or CBA. Neither website is an intermediary connecting service defined in Illinois Supreme Court Rule 730 or a similar rule in any other U.S. jurisdiction, i.e., (ii) a lead generator, (iii) a legal service plan, or (iv) a lawyer referral service, marketplace or directory.

The Police Benefits Plan (PBP) is administered solely by  Comprehensive Benefits of America, LLC (CBA) and is not affiliated with CBA’s independent vendors, partners, or unions. Visit these link pages for a complete list of disclosures or information on how we protect your privacy.

Meet the PBP Team!

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Alma mater

DePaul University
DePaul Law School
Northwestern University; Kellogg School of Management

Police facts

Tom has worked with FOP Chicago Lodge #7 members for over 3 decades. He served as Special Assistant Attorney General of Illinois, honored as the Emerald Society, Irish American Police Man of the Year and Illinois State Crime Commission Citizen of the Year, and served as counsel for the Italian American Police Association and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. Tom has presented asset protection and retirement seminars for over 30 years to Chicago Police Department employees, FOP, NOBLE, IAPA, CPSA, NCPA, RCPA, and the Chicago Police Academy.

Tom Tuohy

Founder & CEO

Alma mater

Chicago State University

Police facts

As CBA’s chief law enforcement advisor, Terry served as Chicago’s Superintendent of Police, Chief of Detectives, District Commander, and Coordinator of Chicago’s Terrorist Task Force. Long regarded as one of the nations most respected police chiefs, Terry rose in the ranks from patrolman to superintendent, was shot twice in the line of duty and received the departments Medal of Valor. Terry is a retired decorated Marine, receiving the Presidents Unit Citation and Purple Heart. Terry is the co-founder of HillardHeintze security agency that provided security for NATO Summit and municipalities and chief executives across the country, including 85 Fortune-ranked enterprises, 575 U.S. and international brands, and 150 of the world’s most affluent families. 

Terry Hillard


Alma mater

University of Hard Knocks

Police facts

Shelly has worked with over 4,000 police officers during her 30 year career.

Shelly Gonsch

Director of Administration

Alma mater

Harper College

Police facts

Katie's voice is the first one you hear when you contact your Benefits Plan and can connect you to what you need, when you need it!

Katie Schultz

Executive Assistant 

Alma mater

Elmhurst University

Police facts

Dylan is a Black Belt and behind the scenes he researches writes about many of the important issues to keep you protected and informed.

Dylan Hunn

Communications Director

Alma mater

Chicago Police Department Canine Training Center

Police facts

K9 is the one that has our back!


Chief of Security


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