Asset Protection

Law enforcement officers must protect their assets from lawsuits and other claims against them more than ever. Sign up for the latest strategies and offers from companies that help protect you and your family.

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Special group rates for police on insurance policies for your Life, Disability, Health, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Firearms, Pets, and more.

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Shop your custom marketplace for police discounts on retail products and group rates on essential insurance, banking, security, and travel deals.

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Free Empower Budget Organizer

Start with aggregating all your accounts and bills in one place, track how and when your money is spent, with bank-level security to keep your information safe.

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Shopping and Retail

We partner with companies locally and nationally to bring special PBP police discounts for everyday products and even flower delivery!

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Travel and Entertainment

Sports and live events, hotels, airfare, car rental, home entertainment.

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Supporting Law Enforcement and their Families

Police Benefits Plan (PBP), is a proud supporter of the Fraternal Order of Police and its many Lodges, the CPSA, CPLA, CPCA, RCPA, PBPA, NOBLE, NACP, IACP, and its members and all sworn police officers, retirees, and their families across the United States. We provide and maintain this website and benefits plan as a courtesy and with appreciation for law enforcement officers during these challenging times.

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If you move your legal residence, must you change your estate plan?

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Quitclaim Deed – Beware of the Risks

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  Financial Agents Importance

Every individual has the right to appoint an agent to make property, financial, personal, and health care decisions for that individual.

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