How much does the Police Benefits Plan cost?

The annual membership cost is waived for law enforcement members and their families.

Who can join the Police Benefits Plan?

Membership is available to any law enforcement member and family member over 18.

What kind of products and services does the Police Benefits Plan offer?

The Police Benefits Plan offers access to Asset Protection, Financial Wellness, Personal Wellness, Insurance, Security, and an extensive Marketplace of cost-saving and essential products.

How do you choose Plan providers and Plan products?

Each PBP provider and offered product or service is carefully screened to ensure it provides you with benefits that enhance your overall wellness. Each provider must comply with rigid standards of member service and outcomes and is subject to removal from the Plan for any violation.

Who is the Police Benefits Plan?

Police Benefits Plan is administered by Comprehensive Benefits of America, LLC as a courtesy for all law enforcement members and their families to respond to the challenges they face every day. It provides an opportunity to access essential asset protection, financial and personal wellness benefits, and discount products that help you maintain your living standard and stay ahead.

How do I contact the Police Benefits Plan directly?

Call 24/7 at 1-312-559-8444 or message

Will the Police Benefits Plan share my personal details with anyone?

No. PBP values your privacy as much as we do and will never share your details without your approval. It is understood that you may choose to share information with any PBP partners and may request that we do so on your behalf.

What if a family member or I have unanswered questions on the website?

As always, you are welcome to call our service center at 1-312-559-8444.

My family members wish to join. How is this done?

Each family member must register on our website.


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